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What is Reactive Inhibition and Why it Matters for Piano Learning

Learn about what reactive inhibition is and how it affects piano performance and learning.

The Future of Education

Learn about what the future of education can look like and how MIDIScale hopes to shape it.

Interacting Learning Systems in Piano Learning

Learn about how our different learning and memory systems and how they interact with each other while playing the piano.

Machine Learning and Human Learning

Machine learning won't be able to solve everything. Read why I'm skeptical about its ability to understand how the human mind learns.

Academic Brain Drain

PhDs are leaving academia in droves. Read about why.

The Issue with Piano Learning Apps: The Difference Between Scaffolding and Crutches in Learning

Current piano learning apps use crutches to give the illusion of learning.

When Does Motor Learning Occur?

Does motor learning happen while you're performing the task or during breaks?

Piano Knowledge Representation and Generalization

Read an in-depth project proposal to understand how we represent piano knowledge.