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How To Start

Step 1

Download MIDIScale.

Step 2

Create an account.

Step 3

Plug-in your MIDI keyboard.

Step 4

Play the tutorial.


We're a platform for learning the piano. Our goal is to understand how you learn and provide personalized feedback. Currently, we are on the Alpha 0.2 release. We provide the same amount of feedback that our competitors do: Which notes you played correctly and incorrectly, and a summary of how well you did after each exercise. However, we are working on a new way to give feedback. Think of us as your future personal tutor. As you learn, we learn more about how you learn and will use this data to enhance how we give feedback to you. We will employ carefully crafted cognitive learning models that will recommend what you should learn next and help design a learning course specifically for you.

What is MIDI

MIDI is a data format so that your computer understands what notes are being played. For example, if you press C5 on your MIDI controller, your computer will know the velocity of the keypress and that you played C5. It can then play C5 on your digital instrument of choice. We can also use MIDI to interpret computer keyboard presses as well. This makes the startup cost minimal for a new learner.


Mohan Gupta is a Cognitive Psychology PhD candidate at the University of California, San Diego. He investigates what are the best ways to learn, why those are the best ways, and can he use math to predict what people will learn. He tried learning the piano through piano learning software but realized it lacked a personalized experience and the software had no idea what he was learning. Thus, with his expertise as a premier learning scientist, he set out to make a piano learning software that actually measures learning and uses that to help the user.

Company Philosophy

We want to make learning an equitable experience. Top class learning should be for everyone, regardless of how much money one has. Everyday, we strive to apply the latest findings in learning science so that you can learn more, faster, and stay motivated along the way. Everyone starts in different learning states and makes different errors. We accept these individual differences and wield them to provide a modern learning experience. We aim to be the future of learning.


Have questions or suggestions? Email us at: infoCHARACTER SEQUENCE@midiscale.com.